Shiori as the Devour (wire stunt)  in Jon Braver and Neil Patrick Harris's haunted play "DELUSION-the blood rite" from Sep 27 to Nov 10th 2012!

AVOUT HAUNTED PLAY: The First Ever Interactive Horror Theatre Company was created in 2011 by Hollywood stuntman Jon Braver. Neil Patrick Harris joins the team in 2012 to help Haunted Play create more psychologically disturbing, interactive theatre experiences. 

In 2011, Haunted Play presented its first interactive horror play titled DELUSION. It was named 2011’s 

“Best Haunted Attraction”

 by FOX LA and 

“Hottest Ticket in LA”

 by NPR's All Things Considered. The show quickly became a phenomenon. 

Haunted Play returns in 2012 with an ALL NEW terrifying show titled DELUSION: The Blood Rite. The story is told through gripping interaction, suspenseful storytelling and explosive stunt work. With The Blood Rite, Haunted Play will dive deeper into fear by requiring the audience to make terrifying decisions to further the story.

Haunted Play's show format is as follows: Every 12-15 minutes, groups of 10 begin the play, guided by mysterious figures. This year, the play begins a graveyard. Bring a jacket. And extra underwear

Tickets are almost sold out for all nights!