TMP will be in JAPAN


2017年 11/25から12/29 ヒューマントラストシネマ渋谷

2018年 1/6から1/19 シネ・リーブル梅田





In Theatre from 8/18-24

The Monster Project is now playing at the Laemmle Monica Film Center(near 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica). Every night at 9:55pm for a week.


Picture from the premiere


The Monster Project Updates

◼︎TMP became the #1 most popular movie trailer on IMDb today! 

◼︎The Monster Project's web episodes are online. Those 11 episodes reveal why the character SHIORI got possessed by the demon right before the movie.

Found Footage Critic:

◼︎Interview of the director Victor Mathew

◼︎Look for it August 18th release in the U.S.! 


Check out the horror themed alternate reality game on TMP website.


Hai - the Cleveland Intl Film Festival

"Hai" went to the Cleveland international Film Festival on April 2017.

When a young couple who met online has their first in-person date, they realize they've both been "catfished;" they don’t speak the same language, in any sense of the word. She doesn't speak English and uses a translator app to communicate. He’s not the confident and charming guy he digitally presents himself to be. As they learn to communicate unabashedly, their living breathing date moves forward, however tentatively.

SHIORI played a role of AYAME

The Truce

Shiori played a lead role Kasumi in AFI film "The Truce" directed by Daniel Abatan. 

“Man From Reno” in Theatres on March 27th in LA & NY!



“Schedules in CA and NY”
3/27 LA, CA @ Laemmle’s Pasadena Playhouse 7 –one week only
3/27 Times Square, NY @ Regal E-walk Stadium 13 & RPX –one week only
4/3 Torrance, CA @ AMC Rolling Hills 20 (日本語字幕版)—one week only
4/3 Irvine, CA @ Edwards University Town Center 6 –one week only
4/10 San Francisco @ Sundance Kabuki Cinemas –one week only

English Trailer on iTunes:
More info. & Tickets:


Vengeance Can Wait

Shiori will be performing in a play Vengeance Can Wait on June 2014.


This show will be participating in The Hollywood Fringe Festival.

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Man from Reno

The World Premier of Man from Reno directed by Dave Boyle on June 15th at Los Angeles Film Festival. Shiori played Chika in the film.

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Shiori played Bubba in new comedy web series Sugerland, Black and White Episode 5. 

The Screening will be on early September. 


The Trophy

Shiori played Mei in USC short film "The Trophy" directed by Hanna Reynolds.
 Mei is 18 years old woman who doesn't know how to react to her mother's love. She thinks that her life is being sucked away by her mother’s expectations. Screening will be at USC sometime on Mid August. 


Man from Reno

Shiori played "Chika" in MAN FROM RENO; a new feature film by Dave Boyle, acclaimed director of "White on Rice" and "Surrogate Valentine." Starring Ayako Fujitani, Pepe Serna, and Kazuki Kitamura.

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