Height: 5’03” Hair: Black Eyes: Dark Brown Voice Class: Mezzo Soprano

National and regional spots. No current conflicts
DripLeadDir. Kira Trinity
The Vedge Light Diaries Lead Dir. Benjamin Garcia
HypnotchkaLeadDir. Michael Ordonez
SlashedRecurringDir. Kira Trinity
Man From RenoSupportingDir. Dave Boyle
A Song for ManzanarSupportingDir. Phil Beauman and Kazuko Golden
NeucoSupportingDir. Alpheus Joseph
Brother Liar JohnSupportingDir. Benjamin Garcia
The Guest SpeakerSupportingDir. Ari Karczag
Go Last HeavenSupportingDir. Koji Kawano
Rensakaidan (The chain of curse) SupportingTV Drama Series in Japan
Delusion-The Blood Rite-DevourDir. Neil Patrick Harris
Delusion Spider PatientDir. Jon Braver
Heart MountainKatsumi Nakashima UnderstudyLATC, SMC Studio Stage
Urban Healing Tour 2010-11Spirit guide (Opera Singer)Multiple Theatres in SF area
3 Sisters who are not Sisters Sister Durham Studio Theatre
Slaughter City EnsembleZellerbach Playhouse
The Importance of Being EarnestCecily and Merriman UnderstudyLuna Playhouse
The Dancing Siamese Triplets Clow n The Little Theatre
Inside the Mind of Me Minion The TreStage Theatre
Reservoir BitchesMs. Blue, Marva, TeddyThe Berubians and TreStage Theatre
Miss Saigon YvetteSMC Main Stage
The TempestSpiritSMC Main Stage
Romeo and Juliet Mercutio Community Center in Japan
National and regional spots. No current conflicts
B.A in Theatre and Performance Studies at University of California, Berkeley
Komoro Music-High School in Japan - Singing Major, Piano Minor 
Singing: Classically trained, can sing 4 octaves(Low G to High G), Sing in Italian and German
Dancing: Beginning Ballet, Jazz, and Butoh
Musical Instruments: Advanced Piano, Beginning Koto (Japanese Traditional Harp)
Languages: English, Japanese (Native)
Special Skills:Wire Stunts, Motorcycle and Car Licenses(both CA and Japan), Advanced Swimming, Skiing, Sight-read music (Solfege)